Company History

In 1960 Harrie Krekels (sr), started as a meat wholesaler in pork and beef in Sittard, located in The Netherlands. His son, Peter Krekels, started working at the company in 1983. In 1992, Peter relocated the company to the abattoir in Kerkrade The Netherlands and named the company: Vee- en Vleeshandel P. Krekels b.v.


From this location, we deliver pork and beef to butchers, meat processing companies and meat wholesalers within The Netherlands and internationally. Our company is specialised in the slaughtering and boning of pigs and cows. Besides, it is possible to order carcasses at our company as well.


With the developing and changing needs of consumers and customers, the company must stay ahead of the market. We do this by using innovative ways in which we produce and deliver our products. Over the years, we have become specialised in the way we process our products. Furthermore, we have adapted our working methods and products specifically to the needs of our purchasers. In this way, we are able to meet the needs of the market and adapt to the wishes of the customers.

Over the years we have also expanded our market internationally. Currently, we deliver our products to companies in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.  


In 2017 Peter and Paul Krekels became co-owners of the Van Melik Food Groep in Hoensbroek. Over the past years, Van Melik Food Groep has become a dynamic company that is specialised in developing, supporting and improving food concepts. In the last decades, they have been successfully developing different retail programs, like Bufkes and Van Melik butchers. The production company Van Melik, Masters in meat, salads and meals does not only produce products for their own franchisers, but also delivers products for other parties in the food market.